To deliver the Rebbe’s message of unwavering resilience & self-empowerment.

Learn how to confront life's challenges by hearing from people who have lived their lives "Unfazed."

The Vision

The LIVE program will be approximately 1.5 hours long and will feature an impressive lineup of Jewish leaders and performers. UNFAZED is designed to serve as an interactive “Farbrengen” experience for your Chabad house.


Full marketing package - includes; customizable graphics and posts for social media, HTML emails, web banners, and press releases that can be used to advertise the event in your local news sources.

The Event


There will be a program guide/memento for Shluchim to distribute to their community members. It will feature a program companion to the Live event as well as discussion starters and informative messages. The Unfazed companion can be used for both an in-person and virtual event.

[Optional] Feature your own local UNFAZED community member and their story. In a feature that would follow the main program, consider inviting a member of your community to speak about how they stood strong in their Judaism when met with challenges. Alternatively, if a member of your community had the zchus of meeting or Interacting with the Rebbe, you can invite them to share their experience.

The event will take place on Monday, 4 Tammuz at 7 PM EST and live-streamed from a soundstage in New York.

LIVE/IN-PERSON The Livestream is an excellent focal point for a magnificent event to be created around. A beautiful dinner, or even some refreshments and nicely set tables with the special program companion set by each place, will create an ambiance in which your community can partake in and become a part of the LIVE event, no doubt maximizing its impact for them.


A recording of the Livestream will be available in the hours following the event for Shluchim in different time zones or with scheduling conflicts.

LIVE/VIRTUAL Shluchim who live in areas where large gatherings are prohibited, and those who will be traveling to the Rebbe for Gimmel Tammuz still have the option of hosting this event virtually for their community members, allowing them to participate as well. 

INDEPENDENT EVENT For those that would like to host this program at a later time/date, there will be a package available with excerpts from the main, LIVE event along with optional talking points.

Basic Package $50 (subsidization available upon request)

  • Generic marketing materials

  • Semi customizable event flyer [Canva editable template]

  • Program companion

  • Have your community featured on the screen as an official participant in the program

  • Promo video

Full Package - $130 $100 (Discount available thru Tuesday, כ"ח סיון - 6/8)

  Basic Package +

  • Fully customized flyer - edited & sent to you (Including the addition of a local feature)

  • Promo video personalization

  • Personalized program companion



What If The Timing/Date Doesn’t Work For Me?


If you are located on the west coast or in a time zone for which the 7:00 PM timing of the livestream falls out in the middle of the workday, a recording of the complete livestream will be available in the hours following the event for you to feature in your Unfazed event. 


You have the option of registering for a ‘Post Livestream’ package (soon to be released) in which you’ll get slightly modified promotional materials and program companions to be able to use at your event whenever it works for you.

How Do I Sign Up?

To bring Unfazed to your community, either as a part of an in-person or virtual event, register here.

What Makes This Program Different From A Typical Zoom Event/Livestream?

Unfazed Was Designed To Be A Part Of A Broader Event/Farbrengen.


A room set with beautiful tables, delicious refreshments and our custom Program Guide produced by set by each seat will create an environment in which your community will take part in the interactive livestream with open hearts, minds, and souls.

THE PROGRAM GUIDE is putting together a beautiful program companion that will guide your community throughout the evening. The program companion will feature articles, questions, and discussions surrounding the themes discussed throughout the evening and will help bring home the ideas and perspectives that they will gain insight into.


There is also the option to add a personal feature, presented by a member of your community. You can invite them to share either an encounter that they had with the Rebbe or a time in their life where they remained unfazed in the face of challenges and were able to reframe their circumstances.


All of the above features, in addition to the customizable, multimedia promotional materials, make Unfazed a cut above the average livestream, and a meaningful way for your community to commemorate Gimmel Tammuz.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns