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All the essentials to create a meaningful Pesach experience for your community

Festival Future LR_edited.png


Festival Future LR_edited.png

CYP Pre Pesach Event

CYP Ambassadors of Freedom Pre Passover event.
Transform the young professionals in your community into mivtza matzah ambassadors.


Matzah Social Media Posts

Beautifully designed customizable social media posts to notify community members regarding your Matzah distribution.

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CHAZAK Nissan Video Library  

From innovative Seder ideas to Pesach recipes. Everything you need from the Chazak Nissan video library 

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Yud Alef Nissan Event

A specially created program for Chabad Houses around the world to celebrate the Rebbe’s birthday, Fly Free, includes a new documentary of personal freedom, inspired by encounters with the Rebbe. Customizable brochure

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Pesach Kits from Merkos 302

An array of beautifully designed seder kits catering to Jews of all ages and places

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OneMitzvah Platform

The new OneMitzvah platform gives you everything you need to launch a mitzvah campaign customized for your community. It’s easy. It’s meaningful. It’s impactful. Because every one of your balabatim can do just one mitzvah.

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DIY Seder Plate Card

A Seder plate instructional card for children by CKids International 

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Jewish Insights: Pesach

Engaging and uplifting segments from the Rebbe's Pesach Sichos presented in a relevant and interesting fashion for study with your community

• Promo video
• Customizable advertising flyers
• Teacher's manual
• Student's booklet 
• Slideshow presentation for Zoom 

Created by the Shluchim Office


Customizable Seder Flyer

a professionally-designed Pesach Seder flyer package, provided free to Shluchim to promote their local events by the Shluchim Office

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Four Questions Card

A printable card listing the four questions for you to customize and insert into your Matzah Package.


Pesach Tzivos Hashem Magazine

Designed for you to easily showcase your community about your Hebrew School and other Programming in a professional format!

Sample Magazine

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Pesach Minisite

Need a landing page for all your Pesach events and resources? ChabadOne Sites offers an integrated beautiful Pesach minisite that brings it all together. Seder registration, sale of chametz, davening times and more.

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Mechiras Chametz Online

Use this online form to help your Balebatim sell their chametz for Pesach.

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Festival of The Future Resources 

Festival of the Future is the annual "Moshiach Day" when synagogues, families and Jewish groups worldwide celebrate a forward-facing historic, nearly-complete mission. Through educational programs, inspirational messages, and engaging activities, we are inspired by the vision of a future messianic era and its effect on the here and now.

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Five Second Rule Pesach Edition

A fun Pesach themed game for teens to learn all about The festival of freedom

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Seder Headbands

A fun Pesach game from Mitzvah Society for the whole family to enjoy 

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CKids Pesach Resources

Pesach resources to share with your community.

- Mah Nishtana Karaoke 
- Seder Placemat
- Magical Mah Nishtanah 
- PeSach Rally Video
- Games
And more!

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Sefer Hasichos Pesach

A collection of the Friediker Rebbe's sichos delivered on Pesach 5699 - 1939


Pesach Handbook

Introducing the new and improved, full-color, customizable JLI Pesach Handbook!
Your Logo. Your Signature. Your Mosad. Your Events.

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Seder Talking Points

Creative Seder insights and talking points from Rabbi Mendel Rubin of the Shabbos House Rohr Chabad Jewish Student Center serving UAlbany


How Jew You Do?
Passover Edition

Icebreaker Game for a thought-provoking Seder. 

Versatile deck of cards with conversation-starter questions on Jewish themes
Questions are in three categories, including “Think” cards, “Trivia” cards, and “Personal.”
There are many ways to use these 41 cards. There are no right or wrong answers and no time limit. Feel free to get carried away in a family discussion.

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Communicator Pesach Email Templates

Looking for the perfect pesach emails to send? Communicator has 31 pesach templates for you to choose from.

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Social Media Posts

Free customizable social media post for Shluchim by

Screenshot 2022-03-23 185624.png

Seder Guide

An easy to read, self explanatory Seder guide from Chabad on Call

image (27).png

Seder Companion

A Printable Seder companion from Mitzvah Society to transform your Seder experience into a dynamic and relevant journey

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Sefer Haminhagim Pesach

A collection of Halachos and Chabad Minhagim that are relevant to Pesach 

Purim-Blank (3).png

Lessons In Sefer Hamaamorim Pesach

A beautiful translation of the Rebbe's legendary Maamor of Bayom Ashtei Asar 5731 -1971 to learn on your own or with your community


Matzah Letter

A warm Pesach letter to add a personal touch to your Matzah distribition


The Story of Your Freedom Haggadah

Visualize Your Freedom

Full guide and Haggadah 
Perfect for public Seders and Matzah giveaways
Original artwork by Yehuda Lang
15 Powerful ideas from the Rebbe on personal freedom

By Kehot Publications

unnamed.jpeg Haggadah

Cutting-edge, friendly translation in the language you speak, the way you speak it.
All instructions and explanations in clear and familiar language.
Signposts that show you where you are and where the Haggadah is taking you.
A beautiful design that keeps things simple.
A sprinkling of short yet high-impact ideas for a whole new view of the Passover story.


Pesach PR Tools

Pesach press Releases, talking points, and media guide from the Chabadone PR team


Chassidisher Derher Pesach Collection

InkedWhatsApp Image 2022-04-09 at 10.05.08 PM_LI.jpg Luach


Hebrew Desk Pesach Resources

Copy of Ukraine Shabbat Post.png

Spanish Resources

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