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Mitzvah Society - The High Holiday Experience

Discover the spirit and inspiration of the High Holidays in your home!


Includes a Rosh Hashanah Experience kit that allows community members to experience and share the beauty of the holiday with their friends and family. Kits include apples, honey sticks, elegant and informative cards to enhance the holiday meal, along with a Yizkor kit and a childrens add-on.

Ckids High Holiday

Activities, crafts, child friendly guide and stories to help make the high holidays a meaningful experience for children at home!


Includes a custom guide for children, with activities, stories and games that will help children appreciate and engage with the holiday and its meaning.

High Holiday Kits

A modern and fresh take on the high holidays for young jewish professionals!


Kits include modern and bespoke packaging with relevant and insightful commentary that is sure to make the holiday experience a contemporary and meaningful one for young professionals.

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Machzor Companion

Learn about the holiday and its most seminal prayers in an engaging and riveting way. Geared for teens, appropriate for all!


A custom prayer companion that will transform prayer into a teen friendly experience. Thought provoking and insightful, with explanations and commentary that will keep teens involved in the holiday experience.

XgXG10229502.jpg Reflections - The Mini Machzor Companion

It's the prayer companion you always wanted! Each of the 20 prayers are explored with reflections, providing inspiration and motivation your congregants are seeking, all in tight, pithy explanations and meditations.

Each full-color page of the booklet illuminates another key prayer of the Machzor, framed within magnificent art and design.


JLI: High Holiday Handbook

A beautifully designed 52-page High Holiday Handbook, brimming with inspiration, guidance, and select prayers for you to distribute to your community members before Tishrei.