Bringing Judaism Home for the High Holidays

This year, due to the global pandemic, many Jews will not be able to attend Shul. They will be losing an opportunity to connect with the Jewish community and tradition that may be more necessary than ever. Merkos 302 has responded with a sweeping and wide-ranging campaign that will ensure that every Jew will be able to experience the spirit and inspiration of the high holidays wherever they may be - no matter their age or demographic.

Kits and Companions

From community members to leaders, from children to young professionals, from teens to adults, everyone should have an age appropriate and thoughtful way to experience the high holidays.

An open air experience

Worldwide database of Shofar, sukkah and Lulav.
In conjunction with

Sukkos Resources

Sukkos programs and events for all age s

Virtual Simchas Beis Hashoeva

A 60 minute program featuring singing, music, dancing, fire juggling, anecdotes, and more

Chazak Video Site 

Chazak Video Site - Tishrei
A wide variety of halacha, tips, ideas, learning, and more

Pre High Holiday Events

Bring the Yomim Noraim to life this year for your community with a pre-Rosh Hashana children's program, and live pre-Rosh Hashana events.

High Holidays Flyer 

By The Shluchim Office

This is a professionally-designed “High Holidays” flyer package, provided free to Shluchim to promote their local events.

Sukkah mobiles

Easy to follow directions for you (or a bb). Shopping lists, instructions, 3d diagrams, to build a  sukkah mobile.

Simchas Torah

דעם רבינ'ס א טאג

Please share your ideas of what we can do to help you bring this to the yidden in your city that won’t be coming to shul.

Feedback and Suggestions

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