Menorahs and Chanuka Kits

A selection of Menorahs for Jews of all ages and stages. So everyone in your community can celebrate the Mitzvah. 

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Empower your community to spread the light of Chanukah!

Share The Chanukah Experience with friends, family, and colleagues - allowing all members of your community to feel the light of Chanukah.

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CTeen branded Chanuka Menorahs. 

Share the Mitvzah of Chanuka with your local teens.

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Empower your Young Professionals to be Ambassadors of Light by sharing a CYP Menorah with a friend.

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Empower your community members to share the light of the Menorah!

Share The Chanukah Menorah with friends, family, and colleagues - allowing your entire circle of influence to experience Chanukah.


CKids Menorahs for your Hebrew School students, Tzvios Hashem Soldiers, and JewQ Champs!


Public Menorah:

A selection of large Menorahs for your outdoor Menorah lighting events.