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The Chanukah Experience

Create a meaningful Chanuka Experience for your community using these high quality, ready to use tools, and programs


CKids Chanukah Party Toolbox: A personal Chanukah party planner for every family in your community!
Ensure that every family has all the Chanukah basics they need, and can pull off a truly memorable Chanukah party.


Chabad on Call Resources

Chanuka cards and guides to leave with a patient or their family members from Chabad On Call.

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Chanuka Party Music 

Great Jewish music to enliven your Chanukah party or outdoor Menorah lighting.

The Shluchim Office 

Choni Milecki

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FLAME - The CYP Chanuka Experience

An awesome CYP Chanukah event for you to use!
Great theme, deep Toichen, engaging, and high-end!
With a primary focus on mental health, one of the great darknesses of our time.

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Trifold Brochure with explanations of the Chanukah customs and Miracles. 


Children's Chanukah Speech

Have a child deliver this short and sweet speech at your Chanukah event, to inspire all.

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Beyond The Flame - Chanuka Event

The eight branches of the Menorah represent the diversity of the Jewish people, yet at our core we are all one.
Featuring eight presenters, each from a unique background.
Passionate words, beautiful songs, creative art, and delicious cooking will convey this message of Chanukah and remind one and all that at our core, we are all one.


CKids Chanukah Programs

A variety of engaging Chanukah programs for the whole family.

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The Modern-Day Maccabee Campaign

This Chanukah, let's take the message of the holiday home by thanking a local healthcare hero, a modern-day Maccabee. 
Customizable Chanukah thank you cards and gifs from Chabad On Call.

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Menorah Lighting Guide

Beautifully designed customizable Menorah lighting guide with Berachos and explanations for your community. 

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CKids Chanukah Disco!

Let's GLOW crazy and light up the world!

Its a glow-in-the-dark Chanukah dance party complete with glowing cupcakes decorating and a glowing dreidel spinoff.

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CKids Tzivos Hashem Magazine

New Tzivos Hashem Magazine Kislev/Chanukah Edition

Designed for you to easily show your community about your Hebrew School and other CKids Programming in a professional format.

Editing & printing instructions included to give it the personal touch you want. Insert  your own pictures, including the front cover.


Customizable Car Magnets

Printing instructions:


24" x 12"
Print: https://www.uprinting.com/car-magnets-printing.html


CYP Ambassadors of Light 

1. Host a pre-Chanukah event and give

out Menorahs for them to give to friends and family

2. Post photos of them taking Menorahs 

3. Encourage them to post when they give them out #ambassadorsoflight

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Chanukah Party Flyers

Professionally-designed Chanukah flyer packages, provided free from the Shluchim Office for Shluchim to promote their local events.

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JLI Chanuka Shop 

A selection of boutique Chanukah games, guides and classes from the Jewish Learning Institute.