Sukkos Resources

Mobile Sukkah Resources

Easy to follow directions, Shopping lists, instructions, diagrams to build a Sukkah mobile.

CTeen Sukkos Library

Anything you need to plan a Teen Sukkos event or activity: flyers, printable games, posters and event ideas. 

CKids Sukkos TH Missions

Children who fill out the Sukkos missions enter a raffle.

Club #1 5782: The Sukkot Family Team Up

Bring your family together to celebrate Sukkot as a team! Complete exciting holiday challenges and join with friends to decorate and assemble a portable CKids Sukkah. Think quick, act fast and have a blast!

Ckids Club- Sukkot Art Fest

Learn how street art, pop art, community and Sukkos are all connected.

CKids Shakes in the Shack

Get your shake on at this Sukkot dance party and groove to beats mixed by popular Jewish DJ. Features games, party favors, and craft your own signature milkshakes and frapps.  

CYP Breakfast in the Sukkah


Lulav Esrog Card

Printing instructions:

Color, double-sided

Size: 6" x 6"

Recommended: Print on  80# dull cover

CYP - Shakshuka in the Sukkuah

These fully packaged events can be used by you - the Shliach/Shlucha, or you can take a step back and empower an enthusiastic Young Professional to run the program. Just hand them the guide, it’s all in there - ready to go.

CKIds Simchat Torah Under the Start


The Ckids Sukkot Tool Box

Sukkos "in a box"
Games crafts and epic Mitzvah and survival challenges

CKids Sukkot Discovery Lab

Join us for a scientific Sukkah experience and learn all about the hows and whys behind this mysterious hut. Unleash your inner “mad scientist” to make your own cloud slime, STEM Sukkah, and Simchat Torah Flag!

Liquid Nitrogen Chil n' Sukkah

Experience the nitrogen foodie craze and party with 100’s of Boston’s Jewish young adults under the 3,000-year-old mystical canopy called The Sukkah.